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WordPress: How to Uninstall WordPress

How to Manually Uninstall WordPress

Part 1: Remove the WordPress Database
If you have multiple databases associated with your hosting account, you can determine which one you need to delete by first finding the wp-config.php file for your WordPress site. The wp-config.php file will include database connection strings that identify which database the website is associated with.

  1. Log into your account Hosting Summary.
    Hosting Tab
  2. On the left pane, click on MySQL Management.
    MySQL Database
  3. From here, you can remove the database you want to delete by clicking the trash can icon.
    Remove Database

Part 2: Remove the WordPress Files
You can either delete your files by using an FTP connection or File Manager. The basic steps are provided below:

  1. Connect to your files using FTP.
  2. Locate the directory where your WordPress files are located. The files generally look like this:
    File Manager
  3. Delete your WordPress files.

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