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WordPress: How to Switch Your Website Builder to WordPress

Understanding How to Move Your Site to the WordPress Platform

Part 1: Create a New Directory
We recommend keeping this directory separate from your existing website and website files. This will allow you to eventually delete your former website once your new WordPress website is functional.

Part 2: Install WordPress into the New Directory
Use the Mojo Marketplace to make the installation process quick and easy. During the installation process, use 'http://your-iPage-username.ipage.com/path-to-the-new-directory-you-created'. You can also choose to install WordPress manually.

Part 3: Rebuild Your Website Inside of WordPress
Depending on how much content you need to rebuild, this process could be extensive. We encourage you to take this opporunity to redesign your site as you rebuild it, and take advantage of the various features available for WordPress users.

Part 4: Update Your Permalinks
Update the base permalink data stored in your WordPress database to match the URL you want your WordPress site to use (example: changing it from 'http://your-iPage-username.ipage.com/path-to-the-new-directory-you-created' to 'http://www.your-domain.com'). Note that once you make this change, you might not be able to access your WordPress site until you upate the domain pointer as well.

Part 5: Update Your Domain Pointer
Update your domain to point at the directory where your WordPress site is stored. This will bring your website WordPress website online, and makes it 'replace' your previous site.


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