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WordPress 5.0

WordPress is a robust content management program that is used to create websites. As with any program, there are updates to maintain and improve the functionality. This article addresses the following points regarding the WordPress 5.0 update:

What to Expect with WordPress 5.0

WordPress is key to the development of sites across the world wide web with over 32% of sites utilizing it. WordPress is beneficial due to the flexibility and functionality it provides when creating a website. It is a dynamic content management system that can accommodate the needs of anyone, from those just starting a blog to large universities and corporations demanding dynamic content.

WordPress 5.0 has been released, and with this release, there is much anticipation about the addition of the core editing functionality. While the previous WordPress content editor, TinyMCE, was intuitive and straightforward, it was also very simplistic and limited in its options.  As the digital market for easy-to-use web builders grows, it is essential that WordPress take steps to update its core and provide a better user experience. The 5.0 release with its focus on media, will enhance usability while providing for dynamic content and mobile responsiveness.

What does the new editor bring?

The WordPress 5.0 incorporation of a block-based editor presents a whole new experience in creating content and layout within pages and posts. Blocks are used for individual items that can quickly and effortlessly be moved up, down, set in columns, and reused. This framework makes it easy to work across various screen sizes and devices and the confidence that what is displayed in the editor will appear on the website.

What once would require numerous plugins has been simplified into the new experience, eliminating custom HTML or shortcodes. The new editor brings a distinctly new user experience to WordPress and the edge needed to compete with the various drag and drop builders on the market.

Check out more information about what currently is available with the Bebo editor!

Release Date

Version 5.0 was officially released on December 6, 2018. Many online businesses, web designers, and developers are concerned with the new release coming relatively close to the US and global holiday season.

The WordPress 5.0 release is not an auto-update allowing website owners and webmasters the option to choose when to upgrade to 5.0. Users may find it beneficial to wait until after the holiday season before upgrading to 5.0.

Pro Tip: Before running any updates on a WordPress website, make a backup copy of the website files and database. If something unforeseen goes wrong during the update, one can restore the site from the backup.


Website owners and webmasters will want to review their theme and plugins to confirm compatibility with version 5.0 before updating. Those who are currently using a page builder plugin like Divi, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery Page Builder, to name a few, will want to review those plugins specifically to see how they will interact with the editor. Some page builders are proactively preparing for the update and incorporating new options within their plugin.

Another way to prepare for the 5.0 release is to install the Gutenberg plugin and use the 4.9.8 version of WordPress (Pro-tip: Make a backup of site files and database before updating WordPress and installing new plugins). If the site continues to work well with Gutenberg installed, all should go well with the 5.0 update. If the content is not displaying correctly with Gutenberg, install the Classic Editor plugin. By doing so, will set the post and page editor back to the Classic TinyMCE version. When WordPress is upgraded to 5.0, the Classic Editor will remain the default editor because of that plugin.


To those who are new to using WordPress, the upgrade to WordPress 5.0 may be a seamless transition. Experienced users will need to check their theme and current plugins to confirm compatibility with the new WordPress 5.0 version. As always, make sure to backup your site's files and database before updating and installing plugins. Please see the article WordPress: How to Backup your WordPress Site for more information.  WordPress 5.0 "Bebo" will change how users create content for sites and provide an overall better user experience.

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