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Weebly: Migration FAQ

As of October 2020, the Weebly site builder will no longer be available to new customers. 

We are aware of website issues affecting customers utilizing the Weebly Builder. When visiting the website, impacted users are reporting a 403 Forbidden Error or a blank page. In most cases, we have found that republishing the site within the Weebly Editor fixes the issue.

We appreciate your patience as we are actively working with our partners at Weebly to determine the root cause to implement a permanent solution.

What are the features and benefits of the new version?
 All of the features of the new plan are outlined here

When was my Weebly migrated, and why?
  • Your version of Weebly was migrated in the first 2 weeks of December 2015
  • We want to make sure you have access to the latest and best tools available from our partners. The new version of Weebly not only gives you more features and functionality but also allows you to keep up with the latest version of Weebly going forward!
Will my new Weebly plan cost me anything additional?
  • No, it won't cost you anything additional.
  • For customers with Premium and Ecommerce, we've combined these plans into one, so you'll see one item on your bill going forward on the renewal date of your Premium plan.
How do I use the new eCommerce features?
We've created several help articles to guide you through the new experience here.

Can I use a new template and not break my website?
  • If you are using an old theme, you can continue to use it as long as you want
  • If the theme is changed or updated, you can use that new theme if you choose but are not forced to
  • If you choose to use the new theme or just try it, you will have access to the old theme in the 'Recently Used' section of the Theme Gallery for 6 months. After that, the theme will no longer be available.
  • For anyone using the old themes with the mobile-only view, please note that the mobile theme editor no longer allows you to edit the mobile site directly. Instead, it now pulls branding, header, and footer content from the desktop view of the site.
Why are there only 24 new themes to choose from?
  • Weebly's brand-new themes have been built from the ground up using the latest web technologies to provide a fully seamless experience when using your site across desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. They've chosen to focus their energies on crafting a smaller number of high-quality themes, which also provide a lot more flexibility than their previous themes. We're excited to have you try these new themes to easily put a fresh new coat of paint on your site!
  • We love the fact that they have focused on quality but also the flexibility to go in and change anything you'd like!
What are the major user interface changes that are part of the new version?
1. The Store Tab
The items in this new tab provide full control over your new Weebly storefront -- from product creation to shipping configuration, payment processing, and order management.
2. Pages in Sidebar
Pages are now created and managed via a new sidebar interface that doesn't hide the page that's being edited. It's a much more seamless experience to move between and edit pages now.
3. Theme Gallery
The updated theme gallery makes it much easier to navigate the available themes, view recently used themes, and manage custom themes.
4. New Element Options UI
All drag and drop elements have an updated option interface that makes setting element options much easier.

How does the membership feature work?
Membership restricts access to certain sections of the site unless they have access via an approved member account.
  • The site owner can create a member list manually (or import a CSV)
  • Sites that are using the Business plan can enable visitors to request membership registration directly on the site. Approval of the request can be automatic, or the site owner can manually approve all requests.
  • Membership allows for the creation of Groups that certain members can belong to. Groups can each be given access to different areas of the site.
Where can I find additional help?
If you have any questions about the new builder functionality, here is a list of articles to help you:

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