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Weebly: Introduction

Weebly Videos

If you are a first time Weebly user, we recommend that you take a look at these videos before jumping into the Weebly builder. You can view the videos in full-screen mode by clicking Enter Full Screen.

How Do I Access the Weebly Knowledgebase

  1. Log in to your Hosting Dashboard
    Log in to your Hosting Summary
  2. From your Hosting Summary page, click on Launch Weebly
    Launch Weebly icon
  3. Go to the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder launch tool.
  4. Click Help
    Launch Weebly icon

Where Can I Get Help With Weebly

I Published My Website, But My Blog Page Is Not Showing

  1. Try to republish your website. If this does not work, proceed with the remaining steps.
  2. Visit POINTER & SUBDOMAINS to find out where your domain is pointing.
  3. Use File Manager to confirm that two files called 404.php and .htaccess exist in the directory your domain is pointing to.
  4. Click Edit for the .htaccess file.
  5. Copy and paste the following line of code into the .htaccess file (if the line of code does not already exist):
    ErrorDocument 404 /404.php
  6. If you still have issues, please contact us for help.

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