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Weebly: Blank Blog When Publishing

I published my blog, but when I go to the page, it's blank.

This issue may be a result of several problems. Here is what you can do to correct it:

  • Republish your whole site. In most cases this will resolve the problem. If you do not wish to republish the whole site, or your problem is not solved:
    • Go to the Domain Pointing Manager. Is your domain (which you are using to build your site with the Drag and Drop Site builder) pointing to a different directory
      • If yes, copy down that directory.
      • If no, locate your document root directory - Using FileManager, find the directory with a world icon next to it.
    • Using the File Manager, confirm that the file called 404.php exists in the directory which you identified above.
    • The same folder which now contains your 404.php file must have a .htaccess file. Confirm that this is so.
      • The .htaccess file must contain the following line:

        ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

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