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WebsiteBuilder: How to Add a Header Image

  1. Log in to your Domain dashboard.

    Domains Dashboard
  2. Click on the domain name that you want to edit.

    Select a domain name
  3. On the left pane, click on WebsiteBuilder, under Site Builders.

    Click Websitebuilder
  4. Under Settings, click Manage Site. This action will open your WebsiteBuilder screen on a new tab. 

    Manage Site
  5. Click on the Page Selector on the upper left, and select Home.
    Select Home
  6. Click the Home section of your page.
    Click on Home section
  7. On the right pane, under Header. Click on the Background tab, select Image, and click the Replace button.
    Header Pane
  8. The Image Library will pop-up. From here, you can either choose from the Free Images collection or your collection (My Images). If you don't have any pictures saved in your library, or if you want to upload a new one, click on the Add button.
    Image Library
  9. Here, you can either drag and drop or simply Browse your computer and locate the image that you want to upload.
    Add Image
  10. Don't forget to save your work by clicking the Save icon. Once saved, click on the Publish button on the upper part of your editor screen. Remember that changes are only visible after you have saved and published your work.
    Save and Publish

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