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Website Backup and Restore

What is Website Backup & Restore

Website Backup & Restore is a tool that empowers our webmasters to conveniently maintain current backups of the websites they manage. The Backup tool allows you to download or restore a full backup of your website files and databases with the click of a button.

Below are the high-level features of both the Basic and Pro plans for Website Backup & Restore.

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Restoring Website Files (Basic)

NOTE: When you first purchase the Basic version of this tool, you may not have a backup available for 24 hours, meaning your view of the tool may vary from what is shown below until your first nightly backup has been made.

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On the landing page for the tool, you can click on the download link to instantly begin downloading a copy of your entire website to your home computer. This download comes in the form of a .zip file, and can be stored somewhere safe on your home computer for later use if necessary.

From the landing page, you also have the option of restoring a backup directly to your File Manager. This is especially useful if you have made some changes to your website that you would like to undo.

The last link on the landing page is the Browse Backups link. This link will take you to a site-per-site view of all available backups where you can choose to download or restore individually. If you wish to download or restore specific files, you can click on the domain name in the list from the backup of your choosing to see the backup as a file-by-file view.

Restoring Databases (Basic)

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Databases are backed up overnight at the same time your web files are backed up. The navigation from the landing page of this tool to restore a backup is very similar to the navigation for restoring website files. The download link will download a .zip file containing all of the contents of your database, while the restore link will restore the database backup to the account.

Database backups are held for 14 days, just like website files.

Scheduling Backups (PRO Version Only)

Scheduling an On-Demand backup can be done by clicking the "Backup Now" button on the main page of the Website Backup tool. This action will initiate the backup of all websites and databases within 1-2 minutes, however, the completion of the backups will vary depending on the size of the backup. During the backup process, you will not be able to start any other actions (download, restore, etc.) until the backup has completed.

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When the red indicator next to "Automated Backups" turns green, the backup has completed.

With the Basic version of this tool, website file backups are made nightly and are available for up to 14 days.


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