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Using PayPal solutions to accept payments

Why do I need PayPal

If you are planning to sell products online, from your website, you need an ability to accept payments for these products from your customers. Typically, your customers would go to your online store, shop by adding products to a shopping cart, then at checkout, pay using a credit card, a bank account, and/or PayPal, depending on which PayPal solution you choose.

PayPal Solutions

iPage offers four solutions for PayPal Payment Services:

  • Website Payments Standard
  • Website Payments Pro
  • Express Checkout
  • 'Buy Now' button

Compare these services to determine which one would suit your needs best.

Integrate PayPal into your site

To sign up for a PayPal seller or merchant account, and start accepting payments online:

  1. Log into your control panel
    User-added image
  2. Select PayPal from the Ecommerce section. The PayPal payment services page is displayed, showing all available solutions.
  3. Read the capabilities of each solution, then scroll down and click Get Started
    Scroll down and click Compare Options, then, click Get Started at the bottom of the page
  4. You are brought to the PayPal site.
    User-added image
  5. Click Sign up.
  6. PayPal will guide you through the rest of the process. You will be asked to fill out forms with your information and your financial information. This information will be verified, and PayPal will provide you with further instructions.



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