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Troubleshooting Common Email Issues

This article is intended to help investigate and troubleshoot common email issues.

Here is a checklist for General Email Troubleshooting:

  1. Is your email hosted by us?
  • If yes, proceed to step 2
  • If no, contact your mail hosting provider
  1. Has your domain expired?
  • If yes, renew the domain
  • If no, proceed to step 3
  1. Is your domain status on Client Hold?
  • If yes, verify the domain name
  • If no, proceed to step 4
  1. What is your hosting account status?
  • If your hosting account is suspended, please Contact Support to make a payment
  • If your account is up to date, proceed to step 5
  1. Check your domain DNS entry.app icon
  • For problems with POP3, check the MX records.app icon
  • If your MX and/or A records (for MX) does not point to our systems, Webmail will not work
  • If your MX records need to be updated, verify that the Nameservers point to us
  1. Check your Account Settings.
  1. Using Webmail
  1. Using a Mail Client or Mobile Phone
Important: If you are using POP and you have to delete/recreate the account, you should back up the email first as it will be deleted.

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