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Submitting your site to SubmitNet

What are Meta Tags

Meta Tags are specific tags that you connect with chosen words on your site. Search engines use meta tags to gather information about your site. The most important meta tags for search engine indexing are the title, description, and keywords.

Submit your site to SubmitNet

  1. To purchase SubmitNet, go to the SubmitNet product page and choose the product level - Basic, Gold, or Platinum - you wish to purchase.
  2. Click Buy Now to purchase the selected product. When the purchasing is completed, you are brought to the SubmitNet - SEO page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select the domain you wish to submit from the drop-down. If you wish to submit a different URL, you may type it in manually.
  4. Click Add. Your site has been submitted.
  5. Note the Go to SubmitNet button on your SubmitNet page. Click it to go to SumbitNet directly to run and view the tools available for you.
    SubmitNet Portal

Once you have gone through the submission process, your site is submitted within 72 hours, and then every 30 days. However, please keep in mind, that the submission is not instantaneous. For example, for your site to be submitted and indexed takes:

  • 6-8 weeks for Google and Yahoo
  • 8-10 weeks for Excite, HotBot, Lycos, and Webcrawler

Please submit your home page and any other lower sub-pages. Separate submissions are required for each domain.

Submit your site - submission report

To complete your submission to SubmitNet and to receive reports:

  1. Go to your SubmitNet page. Click Go to SumbitNet. You are brought to your SubmitNet account page.
  2. Select the Website Info tab
    Submission Options
  3. Complete the information fields as required, and click Update
  4. Select the Submission Report tab
    Submission reports
  5. Make sure the email confirmation checkbox is checked. If not, check it, then click Update.

Use SubmitNet's Meta Tag Analysis tool (Gold and Platinum only)

  1. Go to your SubmitNet page. Click Go to SumbitNet.
    SubmitNet Meta Tag Analysis tool
  2. From the left navigation, select Meta Tag Analysis
    SubmitNet Meta Tag Analysis tool
  3. Fill in the URL to be analyzed, and the email address where to send the report
  4. Click Run New Report'

Add Meta Tags generated by SubmitNet to your site (Gold and Platinum only)

  1. Go to your SubmitNet page. Click Go to SumbitNet.
    Add Meta Tags
  2. From the left side navigation, select the Meta Tag Generator tool.
    Meta Tag Generator
  3. Enter the URL and email address to which SubmitNet will send the report.
  4. Click Run New Report. The proper HTML code is generated and displayed.
  5. Add the generated HTML code to the HEAD section of your website HTML code using your favorite website building program.

Remember that meta tags are page specific. Put your meta tags on your home page. However, if there are some sub-pages that you wish to come up independently, feel free to put meta tags there as well.

Causes of submission failures

Periodically site submissions fail. There are various reasons for this:

  • Search engines are constantly changing and evolving
  • Submissions systems sometimes go down, or links are changed
  • Some engines only allow submissions from certain types of websites, such as industry-specific sites; these engines will always reject sites of other types, resulting in failures on your submission report

Why is the Meta Tag Analysis tool not picking up my Meta Tags

The Meta Tag Analysis tool checks the HEAD section of the HTML code of your website. Check to make sure that the Meta Tags have not been incorrectly placed in the BODY of the HTML code. HTML formatting errors will also cause problems.

For an example of of properly coded Meta Tags, run the Meta Tag Generator tool.

I made changes to my Meta Tags, but the Meta Tag Analysis tool is not picking them up.

Check to make sure that there isn't a duplicate set of Meta Tags in your HEAD section. The engine spiders won't know which to use and your listing will suffer because of it.

Check to make sure that you added or changed the Meta Tags on the URL page you ran through the tool. Double-check to make sure the page you are editing and and the page you are processing is the same.


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