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Site Expresso: How to Optimize Site for Search

Step by Step Walkthrough

There are 3 main points to consider:

1. Content

  • Make sure that you have enough content on the site for search engines to read.
  • Include several paragraphs about your business or services that you provide.
  • Write a short introduction or statement on your index page.
  • We recommend at least 250 words on your home page and at least 100 on other pages.
  • Make sure the content is unique from page to page. Don't use copy and paste to take shortcuts.

2. Keywords - A keyword is a phrase or search term that someone would use when trying to find a business like yours.

  • Identify a few keyword phrases that a viewer would use to find your business or service.
  • Include your target market such as the town you do business in, as well as a specific product or service. A good example of a keyword phrase would be 'plumber in Tempe AZ'.
  • Incorporate keywords into the content of your site. A rule of thumb should be using a keyword at least once every 75-100 words of content.
  • Find a balance so that your sentences don't sound like they are only keywords. However, you still want the most common phrases on the site be your keywords.
  • Using Google AdWords will help you:
    • Determine how many people are searching for your phrase.
    • Determine how many sites are competing for that phrase.
    • Find other keywords that you can use.
    • Use phrases that are being searched. Don't spend time trying to be found by a phrase that is not being searched for or that is used by a million other websites.

      Have you optimized your website for keywords?

      Optimize your site for search will give you more information on things you need to do both on and off your website.

Note: The Google AdWords keyword tool is Google's tool.

3. Add your sites URL to Search Engines. You can do this by submitting your site search engines.


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