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Simply Local Search

We are providing a great new service to help you take control and get your site found online! See LocalLift or contact us to get started. LocalLift lets you control your listings across 60+ partner sites, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo, and Yelp.

What is Community Directory

Simply Local Search allows you to submit your business listing to more than 40 online local searches, such as Local Search Engines, Online Local Directories, 411 Directories, and GPS and Car Navigation systems. You enter the information about your business - your location, work hours, special products, your website (if you have one), contact information, etc. - in one convenient interface, which makes updating and maintaining easy.

  • This service is available for US-based customers only
  • You do NOT have to have a website or an online store to use this service
  • Not every local directory listing will display all the information you entered
  • It takes 8-10 weeks to propagate the information to all local searches

Purchase Simply Local Search

  1. Go to the LocalLift page
  2. Click Get Found

Enter your business information for Simply Local Search

When you purchase Simply Local Search, you are brought to the Local Directory Information page. This page is divided into several sections:

  • Required Contact Information
  1. Business Name - enter the legal, registered name of your business
  2. Address - enter the street address of your business
  3. Contact Name - the name of a person potential customers may contact for more information
  4. Email Address - the email address of the contact person
  5. Main Number - the business main telephone number
  • Categories
  1. In the Search Categories text box, type the category that would best describe your products or services.
  2. Click Search Categories. A table appears listing all available categories in the area you selected.
  3. Read the Categories very carefully. Choose the best and closest description of your products and services.
  4. Click '+' next to the selected category. The selected category appears in the Your Categories List table.

    Note: The search engines typically put the most importance on the first five categories. Therefore, while you can select as many categories as you wish, please make sure that the first five categories describe all your products and services as closely as possible.

  • About Your Business
  1. Business URL - if you have a website or an online store, enter the URL here.
  2. Alt/Corp Name - if your legal business name is different than the common name of your business, enter the alternate name here.
  3. Description - this description will appear in your listing, so provide as much information as you can about your products and services to entice your customers to visit your store.
  4. Products - list all the types of products you sell in your store. This list is also used for determining which listings display when a customer is searching for a business online. So, be as complete as possible.
  5. Brands - list all the brands you carry in your store. Sometimes customers search by brand names, and the local search will provide a list of suppliers of those brands.
  6. Specialties - list all the special services that your business provides. Be as descriptive (but brief) as possible.
  7. Area Served - enter the local area your business serves.
  8. Professional Associations - if your business belongs to a professional association (or you do), list those here.
  9. DUNS number - if you have it, enter it here.
  10. Other information - any other important information that you have not supplied yet, please enter here.
  • Hours
  • Enter the hours your business is open. If you prefer to not publish your hours, check the box at the top.
  • Payment Types
  • Check all the payment types that your business accepts.
  • Additional Numbers
  • Enter other telephone numbers (if you wish) for contact, and the Fax number for your business.
  • Media Images
  1. If you have a logo for your business, enter the URL here. You cannot upload the image here. Only provide a URL to an already uploaded image.
  2. If you have a photograph of your business, you can enter the URL to the photograph here. Again, you cannot upload the image here.

When you have finished entering all the information, and it is to your satisfaction, click Submit. Please keep in mind that it takes 8-10 weeks for the data to propagate to all directories. This propagation time span applies to corrections as well as to new data, so please make sure your information is correct before submitting it.

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