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Reseller: Understanding How Billing Works

Default Method: Processing All Purchases On Behalf of the Resold Client

Pros: Able to establish your own prices for all account-related services (up-charge for a profit).
Cons: More manual work is required to process payments and fulfill orders.

This method is preferred for Resellers because it creates the greatest opportunity for profit. As a Reseller, you are responsible for the billing of each of your Resold clients. iPage will bill your credit card on the due date for each of your clients.

As a Reseller, you can charge your Resold clients any way you want to. Many of iPage's other Resellers setup an Ecommerce website to accept online payments. Once you are ready, you will purchase the appopriate services from iPage (such as adding a new hosting account, or purchasing an additional product for that hosting account). How your client purchases services is your choice. Many of our Resellers use a payment gateway like Authorize.net or PayPal.

You have access to suspend any Resold client's account if they fail to pay you.

Alternate Method: Allowing the Resold Client to Process Purchases Directly

Pros: Hassle-free method for charging Resold clients for all account-related services.
Cons: Inability to up-charge for account-related services and make a profit.

Once the account is created, you can allow your client to update the credit card on file. This method is preferred by some Resellers who want to use discounted hosting and domains as a selling point for other premium services that the Reseller provides, such as SEO or Website Design.

To set up this billing method:

  1. Access the Reseller Console to manage the Resold account.
  2. Click on the Resold account you want to manage.
  3. Enable Allow Client Purchase.
  4. Navigate to Application Restrictions and allow Update Credit Card.

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