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Reseller: How to Manage a Resold Account

How to Manage a Resold Account

  1. Login to Reseller Console.
  2. Each Resold account is displayed. Clicking on the account name will provide an overview of the account. Several management options are available:
    • Change the Resold account username.
    • Change the Resold account password.
    • Edit the Resold account contact addresses (email).
    • Turn 'Allow Client Purchases' onTurn on or offTurn off.
    • Change the Resold account type (hosting or domain parking).
    • Log into the Resold account (full access).
    • Modify which services the Resold client has access to.
    • Suspend the user (turns off the Resold client's website and prevents Control Panel login).
    • Create support tickets to iPage's Reseller Support team on behalf of the Resold client.

How to Manage Billing Information for a Resold Account

Important: We highly recommend you review the Reseller: Understanding How Billing Works article before managing the billing information for your Resold clients.

  1. Login to Reseller Console.
  2. Navigate to Billing Setup.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Modify the billing information as needed.
  5. Select which account(s) the new billing information will be applied to (the Reseller, selected Resolds, etc).
  6. Click Submit Credit Card Update.

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