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Quick Answers to Common Support Questions

Having issues with your email or website?

Here are some solutions to frequently asked questions that our agents commonly resolve. Our knowledge base articles will help you solve issues and get things done!

Email Issues

  • Troubleshooting Common Email Issues
    This article is intended to help investigate and troubleshoot common email issues. Email won't load, or having issues with send and receive, read on!
  • I Can't Send Emails
    This is your troubleshooting guide if you are unable to send emails from either Webmail or Mail Client.
  • I Can't Receive Emails
    This article provides basic troubleshooting steps if you're having issues with your incoming emails. 
  • Common Email Bouncebacks
    Getting a bounceback message? Here is a list of potential bounceback errors and their meanings. 
  • Email Client Setup
    Directions for setting up your standard emails, such as POP and IMAP. And links to all of the popular mail clients for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Email Management: Email Spoofing
    Email spoofing occurs when a spammer or other entity forges email headers so that they appear to come from somewhere or someone other than the actual source. It is often an attempt to trick the recipient into making a damaging statement or releasing sensitive information, such as passwords.
  • DNS Management: How To Update MX Records
    This article shows you how to edit your mail (MX records) so that your mail is delivered to the correct server and email boxes.
  • Email Management: How to Upgrade Mailbox Storage
    Need more email storage? This article will help you on how to increase your mailbox size. 
  • Email Management: How to Add a Forward to a Mailbox
    An Email Forwarding can be created by setting up a new mail forwarding address to its destination or adding it up to an existing mailbox. This option can be done by following the steps in this article according to your goals. 
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Password Issues

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DNS and Domain Issues

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Website Error Messages


  • Web Hosting Plans
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