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osCommerce is a free Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution. It has numerous online shopping cart functionalities that allow store owners to setup, run, and manage their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs or limitations involved.

Install osCommerce

  1. To install osCommerce, visit this link.
  2. Click Install

Configure osCommerce for the payment gateway (online credit card processing)

If your online credit card processing provider uses Authorize.net the following instructions will assist you in configuring osCommerce to work with your payment gateway.

To configure osCommerce:

  1. Log into your osCommerce account.
  2. Click on Modules from the left sidebar menu. The Payment Modules screen is displayed.
  3. Select the Authorize.Net line, and click Install next to your selection. The current Authorize.Net configuration is displayed.
  4. Click Edit in the right menu bar. A series of options are displayed in the rightmost pane.
  5. Select the Authorize.Net options as follows:
    1. Do you want to accept Authorize.Net payments - select True.
    2. Login username - enter the Authorize.Net username that you received when you purchased your credit card processing package.
    3. Transaction Key - enter the Authorize.Net transaction key that you received when you purchased your credit card processing package.
    4. Transaction Mode - select Test while you are setting up your transactions and testing them. Once everything works as expected, select Production.
    5. Transaction Method - select Credit Card.
    6. Customer Notification - select True if you want customers notified that their payment was accepted. Select False if you don't want this notification.
    7. Payment Zone - if none selected, than this type of payment is accepted in all zones. If you do select a zone, than the payment type is accepted in this selected zone only.
    8. Set order status - Set the order status to default, Delivered, Pending, or Processing.
  6. Click update to save the settings.

To get more help on eCommerce, click on this link. 

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