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Online Security: SiteLock Free Scanning Service

SiteLock Free Scan FAQ

What Does The Free Scan Do?

This scan will identify known malware and acts as a simple 'alarm system' by sending you an email alert as soon as something malicious has been detected, giving you time to backup and clean infected files to prevent being blacklisted by search engines.

The free scan is a lightweight HTTP scan that lasts for 20 seconds. In this time-frame, it can usually get through about 5 to 10 pages (starting from the home page that your domain is pointing to).

The free scan does not include premium features offered by full-fledged SiteLock plans:

What Are the Benefits Of The Free Scan?

SiteLock recognizes that many of our customers might be trying to save money by not signing up for a SiteLock plan right away. The free scan is a way that SiteLock helps our customers know that they have an issue before it worsens. Once customers are notified, they are free to try and resolve the issue themselves or sign up with SiteLock to have the issue resolved for them automatically.

How Do I Get The Free Scan?

Any domain on a hosting account that does not currently have a SiteLock plan associated with it will qualify for the free scan.

When And How Often Does The Free Scan Occur?

The free scan occurs once a day per domain that does not have a SiteLock plan associated with it.

Can I Opt Out Of The Free Scanning Service?

Yes. Simply contact us and request to opt-out of the free scanning service. You can request to opt-out for all of your domains or a specific domain from the free scanning service.

To opt back in for the free scanning service, contact us, and we will be happy to reactivate it for you.

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