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Marketing: Submitting Your Site To Google

Submit your site to Google

Because it may take Google a few weeks to find your site and index it, if you wish, you may submit your site manually.

To submit your site to Google:

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url
  2. Enter the required fields

Google's Search Console

In addition to submitting your website address manually, you should consider creating a Google Account and setting up Search Console. Search Console allows you to:

  1. Submit a site map
  2. Submit individual pages
  3. Track search activity
  4. Re-index your site periodically


Now that your site is submitted, you may be interested in how the search engines rank your site. Search engine ranking is important if you want your site to appear close to the top of the results list. There is a wide field of study and even science in search engine ranking, called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here are some basic tips on increasing your ranking:

  • Keywords - Your most important keywords should be part of your domain (ex. www.FlowersByLisa.com). In addition, your keywords should appear in the content of the website at least 5 times to show that they are significant, particularly in titles. Do not put keywords in hidden text, as search engines find those and disqualify your site from the rankings.
  • Incoming Links - links on other sites that link directly to your site. 
  • The descriptive site title and site description -
You can enter a site description under the Settings tab in your Website Builder. This description is important because it is displayed in the search listings and could impact potential consumers in deciding whether they visit your site.

We also offer a suite of Search Engine Marketing tools that analyze your site and help you to increase your rankings. If you wish to go further, we have experts in SEO that can assess and optimize your site for you.

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