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iPage is phasing out support for Impress.ly soon. We recommend our WebsiteBuilder as a much better alternative.


What Is Impress.Ly

With Impress.ly, a small business can build a gorgeous HTML5 mobile optimized web presence from their smartphone, tablet or desktop in under 60 seconds. Impress.ly will scan and reorganize content from social media, websites and other online resources just by using a specific URL or Facebook page. The content is assembled into functional blocks and editable templates prior to the site being published.

Who Is Impress.Ly For

SMBs that:

  • Need to create a web presence optimized for mobile
  • Have a mobile web presence but want to make it more engaging for customers
  • Believe creating a personal and professional web presence is too expensive or time consuming
  • Don't have coding experience

Why Is Impress.Ly Better Than The Other Web Presence Building Products Out There

Impress.ly is the only builder that allows you to easily generate a personalized and professional web presence from your phone in minutes, allowing you to better engage with and reach new customers across any screen size and device

How Do I Publish My Site

After finalizing the changes to the design and content of your mobile optimize site, you will be ready to publish it. Publishing your site is easy - follow these steps on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. After publishing the site you will be able to make as many changes as needed. You can edit your site on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  1. Press the Publish button bottom left
  2. Choose your subscription
  3. Share your site on your website, through social media, or by emailing the provided URL or QR code

What Are Some Of The Terms

Free to try out and see what your mobile optimized web presence would look like. If you like the product, you can choose from one of two paid plans. No extra costs for updating or changing your Impress.ly design.

When And How Is Impress.Ly Going To Be Available

Impress.ly will be available as a beta in late August 2015 on some of Endurance International Groups platforms. It will be available widely on additional EIG platforms throughout Fall 2015.

What Are Some Of The Functional Blocks

There are over 35 functional blocks available on Impress.ly, including Business Hours, News, Menus, Appointments, Reviews, Social Media, Photos and Videos.

Where Can Customers Find Help On Impress.Ly



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