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How to Install a WordPress Website

Before you install WordPress you may need to remove any other websites. This article will show you how to Remove WebsiteBuilder.
  1. Log in to your Domains Dashboard.
    Login to your Domains Dashboard
  2. On the dashboard, select the domain where you want to install WordPress.
    There are two views in the Domains dashboard - the Card and List views. Click on the view icons to switch to your preferred view.
    Card View, click Manage
  3. Choose the domain you are working on.
    In the Card view, click the domain's Manage button.

    Domain Dashboard - Card View

    In List view, click the domain or its gear icon on the right-hand side.

    Domain Dashboard - List View

  4. On the left pane, click on WordPress.
    Click WordPress on the left pane
  5. On the WordPress Page, click Get Started.
    Get Started
  6. If you have an existing plan, then click on Use Existing. Note that you can upgrade to Optimized Hosting for Super speed, enhanced security, and personalized support for WordPress.
    Hosting Options
  7. Create your Site Name, which appears at the top of your site.
    Site Name
  8. Fill in with your Email, Username, and Password for your WordPress Dashboard.
    Admin Account
  9. To modify your WordPress site, click on Manage Site.
    Manage Site

Want to learn more about WordPress?

Check WordPress: Tutorial Videos to help you quickly grasp the basics of creating a WordPress website. You can always check out WordPress.com and browse their codex or online help forums.

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