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How to Install a WordPress Website

Before you install WordPress you may need to remove any other websites. This article will show you how to Remove WebsiteBuilder.
  1. Log in to Domains Dashboard.
    Domains tab
  2. You can either click on your Domain Name or the Cog icon.
    domain dashboard
  3. On the left pane, click on WordPress.
  4. For new WordPress Installation, click on Get Started.
    Get Started
  5. You can install WordPress using your Existing Plan by clicking on Use Existing. Note that you can also upgrade to Optimized Hosting to get super speed, enhanced security, and personalized support.
    Use Existing
  6. Fill in with your desired Site Name which appears at the top of your site, then click Continue.
    Site Name
  7. To manage your WordPress Admin Account, fill in with your Email Address, desired Username, and Password. Note: Password requirements must be met and should be all green.
    Admin Account
  8. After a successful installation, you will see this screen and be able to access your WordPress Admin Dashboard by clicking on Manage Site.
    Manage Site

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