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Activate Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

If you already signed up for Google Workspace, you will receive an email to activate the service. Make sure to complete the setup process. 

  1. Log in to your admin email and open the email with the subject line "Activate Google Workspace at your domain."
  2. Click the Activate Now button.
    Activate button
  3. Enter your account information in the form and click Create Account. 
    Create account button

Accept Google's Terms of Service

Important: You must accept Google's Terms of Service to continue setting up your Google Workspace and Gmail.
  1. Log in to your Domains Dashboard.
    Log in to your Domains Dashboard
  2. The Domains Dashboard has two views, the Card and List view. You can switch between the two by clicking on the view icons at the top right corner. 
    Card and List view
    • In Card View, click Manage on the domain where the email exists. 
      Card View, click Manage
    • In List View, click on the cog icon. 
      List view, click the cog icon
  3. Click on Google Workspace in the left-hand menu.
    Card and List view
  4. Under Quick Access, click on Admin.
    Google Admin tool
  5. Accept Google's Terms of Service.


Set Up Your Google Workspace

To get you started, Google has prepared an online learning center to help you get the most out of Google Workspace. Google has also developed an extensive online knowledgebase to help you understand specific features regarding Google Workspace and to help you know how to troubleshoot any issues you might experience.

Important: As part of our integration with Google Workspace, we establish automatic routing for mail to your Google Workspace account. As such, we highly recommend that if you choose to utilize Google Workspace walkthroughs that you do not reconfigure your MX Records as this may cause your Google Workspace services to stop working. Please contact us if you run into any issues.



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