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Hosting Tools: File Manager

File Manager

  1. Log in to your account Hosting Summary
    Click for the Hosting Summary
  2. Click on File Manager in the left panel
    Select File Manager
  3. Access, edit and manage all of your website files
    Hosting file tree structure
  4. Open directories by clicking the arrow
    Open a folder or directory
  5. Upload new files or folders with the Upload button
    Upload and New buttons
  6. Select the items you wish to upload and click on Open
    Select items to upload
  7. You will see the upload progress as shown in this image
    Upload status bars
  8. A popup box will inform you of the progress
    Successful upload
  9. Create new files or folders by clicking on the +New button
    Create a new folder
  10. Name the file or folder and select the check when you are done
    Add new file with extension
  11. Settings allow you to Show System Files or toggle the Richtext HTML Editor
  12. Type search items into the search field
    Type in search terms
  13. In this case, the results for the term "image"
    Search results
  14. Select individual items or everything by check the selection box
    Select various items
  15. Click the 3 dots, the More menu for additional options
    More options menu
  16. Edit, on the options menu, opens the raw file for editing
    File edit window
  17. View details
    View details
  18. Rename a file or folder, check when you are done
    Rename a file or folder
  19. Change permissions on a file or folder
    Change file or folder permissions

File Manager is a powerful tool, use with care!


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