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GoMobi: Introduction

Create a Mobile Site With GoMobi

To use goMobi, you must first have a domain registered in your account in DomainCentral. More information on getting started with goMobi can also be found on the goMobi product page.

To create a mobile site:

  1. Log in to goMobi under the Website section of the control panel.

    goMobi icon
    NOTE: If this is your first time using this tool, after clicking the goMobi icon, you must then click Get Started on the screen that appears to purchase goMobi. Once this process is complete, you will automatically be redirected to the Mobile Website Builder page.
  2. On the 'Mobile Website Builder' page, click Add Mobile Site.

    Add a mobile site
  3. A popup window will appear. Select the domain that you will be pointing to your mobile site from the dropdown menu, then click Create New Site.

    Select the mobile site domain
  4. The selected domain will appear under the CURRENT SITE section at the top of the screen.

    Current site
  5. To edit the settings for your mobile site, click Settings under any of the domains listed in this column, and a popup window will appear. In this Mobile Site Settings window, you can:
    • Reassign which of your domains that your mobile credit is currently assigned to
    • Enable or disable your website redirecting to your mobile website
    • Delete the contents of your mobile website

    NOTE: Clicking Delete Mobile Site will NOT delete the mobile credit from your account. Please contact Support for assistance with canceling goMobi mobile credits.

    Delete the mobile site

Once in the site builder tool, there are four primary tabs:

  • Design - contains 'behind the scenes' features for the mobile website, such as specifying the site language, logo, theme, and background colors
  • Features - features a selection of customizable elements for building a mobile website, such as a click-to-call function, mapped directions, links to social media, and more
  • Tools - provides options for promoting your website and for increasing site traffic
  • Analytics - tracks visitor stats and sources of traffic for the mobile website

Mobile site features and tabs

Add an element to your website by clicking an item from the list under the Features tab, completing any necessary fields in that section, then clicking Add to Site.

When you're ready to publish your website, click Finish in the bottom right corner. Your mobile website will be instantly available for all visitors accessing your website from a mobile device.

Publish your site

Deactivate Your GoMobi Website

To deactivate your mobile website, click Settings underneath the specified domain in the Mobile Sites column on the left side of the page.

Deactivate your goMobi site

On the Mobile Site Settings window that appears, click Disable Redirect.

Disable re-direct

A confirmation message will be displayed indicating that your redirect to your mobile website has been deactivated.

To reactivate your mobile site, click Settings, then click Enable Redirect to restore the redirect to your mobile website.

How Large Can My GoMobi Site Be

GoMobi sites can have up to 128 pages or features. Features include items like 'Call Us', 'Find Us', 'Twitter', etc.

Finding More Help For GoMobi

If you ever need more information about or assistance with how to build your website using goMobi, click Help in the top right corner of the Mobile Website Builder window.

goMobi help


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