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General: Domain Names Explained

Domain Names FAQ

Why Do Domain Names Exist

Websites are stored on individual computers called 'servers'. These servers are assigned a unique numerical address (IP address) used to identify itself on the internet. Because IP addresses are difficult to memorize, a 'domain name' can be registered and then assigned to a certain address. When you want to visit a certain website, all you have to remember is its domain name instead of its IP address.

It works kind of like your contact list on your personal phone. Rather than having to memorize which person is associated with each phone number, you assign a person's name to that phone number. When you want to call someone, all you have to remember is their name and you can contact them.

How Can Having A Domain Name Benefit My Business

  • Allows you to have email addresses associated with your business (john@your-domain.com).
  • Helps to brand and identify your business on the internet.
  • Makes your business seem more authentic and professional.

Are There Different Types Of Domains

See our Domain Registration: Top Level Domains (TLDs) article.

Do I Need To Register More Than One Domain

One domain is usually enough to help people find you online. However, you can also choose to register multiple domains as a means to protect your name and brand. For example, let's say you registered 'example.com', but other companies could easily be related to 'example.net' or 'example.org'.

Does It Matter Where I Register My Domain

You are welcome to register and manage your domain through whichever company you choose. However, keep in mind that it is generally easiest to register and manage your domain through the same company that hosts your website.


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