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G Suite Reseller Transfer Process

If you want to transfer the management of your Google Account, Google now requires that you provide them with a transfer token. The following article illustrates how you can obtain that token, which you furnish to Google to initiate the transfer.

  1. Log into your Domains dashboard.
    Domains Tab
  2. In Card View, click Manage on the domain with your G Suite account.
    Card View
  3. In List View, click on the cog icon. 
    List  View
  4. Click on the G Suite link in the left navigation panel.
    G Suite Link
  5. Click on the blue + sign button.
    Blue + icon
  6. Select Transfer Another Account.
    Transfer another account
  7. Then click on the Copy Account ID button.
    Copy Public ID button
  8. The ID is copied to your clipboard.
    Copied to clipboard
  9. Supply the Account ID to Google by following the steps provided in the links below:
    • Transferring from Google to a reseller? Go to this link
    • Transferring from reseller to another reseller? Go to this link
Once you have confirmed the Account ID or Reseller Identifier with Google, please provide us with the generated Transfer Token.

Note: Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated. If the token expires, you must repeat the steps provided by Google to generate another transfer token. 


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