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G Suite: How to Buy G Suite


Follow these steps to purchase a G Suite License for your account. This license can later be used at any time to either upgrade a regular mailbox or create a brand new mailbox as a G Suite account.

  1. Log in to your Domains Dashboard.
    Domains Tab
  2. Click either the domain name or cog icon where the email exists.
    List View
  3. On the left sidebar, under Email Management, click G Suite
    Left sidebar, G Suite
  4. Click Set up G Suite button. 
    Set up G Suite button
  5. Enter all necessary information of the mailbox user and copy the Temporary Password. 
    G Suite account user information box
  6. Select how you would like to be billed from the dropdown menu. 
  7. Click the Next - Checkout button. 
    G Suite Check out button
  8. You will be routed to the Express Checkout page with the order details.
  9. Click the Checkout button. 
    payment check out page
  10. The new license will be available for use after a few moments.

Important: Even if you leave a G Suite License unused on your account, it will still follow its regular billing cycle. All Google licenses run on the same billing cycle as the G Suite Admin Account, though any license purchased mid-way will receive a pro-rated discount for that term.


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