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Form Email

What is Form Email

Form Email is typically a process or a script that takes a website form and sends its contents to a specified email address. Using simple HTML tags and our form to email processor you can build a form on your website, which when completed and submitted by a visitor to your site, will automatically email you the form contents.

What is a captcha

A captcha is a type of input field often included on website forms. The purpose of a captcha is to ensure that the form is being completed by a person, not an automated bot that traverses the Internet and may create 'trash' inputs on your form.

Create a website form

If you would like to include a form on your website, which you want your visitors to fill out and submit, one of the tools you can use is the Form Email tool.

To reach the Form Email tool:

  1. Log into your Domains Dashboard.
    Domains Dashboard
  2. Go the Hosting Tools by clicking on the tiles icon on the upper right corner of the screen. 
    Tiles icon
  3. From the Advanced Tools page, select CGI and Scripted Language Support.
    CGI and Scripted Language Support
  4. Click on Form Email.
    Form Email
  5. You are brought to a page that lists all the necessary HTML tags to create your form and examples of how to use them.
    Getting started with your forms
  6. Follow the instructions on this page to create specific tags in the HTML code of the page where you wish to place your form.
    1. Be sure to include the form method tag. It points to our processing script that creates an email from your form and sends the results to the specified address
    2. Be sure to include a Submit button on your form
    3. Be sure to include a hidden input where name='my_email' and value='your email address'
    4. Be sure to include a captcha as one of your form fields to ensure that people, not automated processes, are completing your form


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