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File Management: Akamai Quick Connect

What is Akamai

Akamai is an edge server caching solution, aimed to speed up your site's load times across the globe. Though we strive to make our servers and architecture as fast as possible, the distance between our servers in Boston, MA, and the location of the page request affects page load times. The longer the distance, the longer it takes for that request to travel to our servers and back.

Akamai caches site content (images, CSS, javascript, etc.) on its servers located throughout the world, so when a request is made for your site, it will travel to the closest Akamai server and back, rather than to Boston, MA, and back. HTML will not be cached on Akamai servers, but HTML requests will be routed through Akamai's optimized network, which will find the quickest path to our servers to retrieve the content.'

Configure Akamai after purchase

After you have purchased the Akamai, the following process occurs:

  • We will modify your DNS, so that all new traffic requesting your site routes through Akamai's servers. The change takes a maximum of 24 hours, but often as little as 2 hours.
  • We will set up browser caching on your site as part of the Akamai configuration. This configuration allows your site to maximize the benefits offered by the Akamai solution.
  • We will redirect all requests for yoursite.com to www.yoursite.com, where 'yoursite' is your domain name. If you wish to change this default setting, to redirect to another subdomain, you may do so through the Akamai tool page. Akamai works exclusively on subdomains to avoid collision with existing DNS MX records that may be associated with the base domain.'

Route your site through Akamai when using custom Nameservers

When using foreign nameservers, you can still use Akamai. However, you need to make the following adjustments to your DNS settings at the nameserver you use:

  • For each subdomain you would like to route through Akamai you will need two CNAMEs:
    1. a CNAME record pointing www.example.com to ipage-cust.com.edgekey.net
    2. a CNAME pointing origin-www.example.com to example.com

      where www.example.com is the subdomain being routed through Akamai

I changed my pages, but the new content is not showing up

Your site's images, CSS, and javascript are cached on Akamai's servers for 4 hours. You will automatically see your new content when the servers renew.

If you wish to change your site instantaneously, rename your images and all links to the images, to force the new content.

Akamai restrictions

The Akamai solution has the following restrictions:

  • Page views:
    For the paid product, the view limit is 100,000 views, where a page view is defined as any request for text content ( i.e. javascript, html, text, css ). If you go over this limit, Akamai will be removed from your site for the remainder of the month and turned on automatically on the first of the following month.

    Your page weight (sum of the sizes of all text, javascript, and images) must average under 200K. This is a good guideline for web pages, with or without the Akamai solution, for optimized load times.
  • Site security:
    You cannot use the Akamai solution and SSL together

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