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Exchange Upgrade: 2007 to 2013 Information

Exchange Upgrade: 2007 - 2013

Exchange 2007 was upgraded to 2013 recently. 

Email Addresses and Credentials

  • Your email address and password have not changed. If you do not have your password, please contact your administrator prior to the upgrade so that this information is readily available.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Your access url will will be available by start of business the following day after the upgrade.

Outlook (Windows)

We recommend Outlook 2010 SP1 with November 2012 cumulative update or later for use after the upgrade (such as Outlook 2013/2016 for PC, and Outlook 2011+ for Mac). Outlook 2007 SP3 with November 2012 cumulative update or earlier may function, but issues with compatibility have been discovered and its use is discouraged.

  • The first time opening Outlook after the upgrade is completed, Outlook will go into a disconnected state for a few minutes and then reconnect automatically.
  • Once Outlook is connected, your upgrade is complete. If it does not immediately reconnect, please open and close Outlook leaving 3 minutes between each operation to see if it will connect.
  • Additional mailboxes and shared mailboxes must be removed and re-added after Outlook is reconnected; they will not automatically reconnect after the upgrade.
  • If Outlook does not reconnect to the Exchange automatically after the above steps have been followed please attempt to create a new profile to connect to the Exchange. If you need assistance with this please reach out to support.

Outlook (Mac)

  • Only workstations with Outlook 2011+ or Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition or later can access the new Exchange platform.
    • Note: Mac Mail v5 (included with Mac OS X v10.7 Lion) or later will be able to access the new platform, and our customer support can provide to you the settings required to access your mailbox through this application; however, mindSHIFT Online does not offer official support for this product.
  • Mac email clients will need to be updated manually to connect to the new platform
    • Go into the account settings and modify the following fields as needed:
      Username:your email address
    • Leave your email client open for a few minutes to let it recognize the update
  • Contact support if you have any issues or questions.

Mobile Devices

  • Any device using ActiveSync will need to be updated manually - please remove the account and recreate it as a new Microsoft Exchange account.
  • Contact support if you have any issues or questions.

Upgrade Quirks

  • The night of the upgrade all inbound email is queued, and no mail should be lost as a result of the upgrade. This delay in delivery as a result of this queueing process causes emails received during the upgrade to be delivered to your inbox and time stamped around the same time.
  • After the upgrade, when you “Reply-All” to messages received before the upgrade, you will be added to the recipient list.
  • If out of office is turned on up to 48 hours prior to the upgrade, it will be disabled by the upgrade after the upgrade has completed.
  • If out of office is turned on before 48 hours prior to the upgrade, it will be re-enabled by the upgrade after the upgrade completes.

Standby Support

Our technicians are standing by the morning after the upgrade to help you with all of these updates and answer any other questions you may have.

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