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Exchange Setup: How to Create an Exchange Mailbox

Microsoft Exchange email provides advanced features for managing email, calendars, contacts and tasks. It allows full use of the collaboration features of Outlook and Outlook Web Access to share information securely among Exchange users. You cannot utilize Exchange services unless you have a domain in your iPage account. How To Add A Domain

How Do I Purchase an Exchange Mailbox Credit

  1. Log into your Control Panel.
  2. Go to Exchange Services.
  3. Click Add Mailboxes.
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  4. Select which exchange mailbox you want to buy:
    1. Select the payment cycle for the size you want (quarterly, or yearly).
    2. Select the quantity of exchange credits you want buy for that mailbox size.
    3. Click Buy Now for the mailbox size you want to buy. This will add the items to your shopping cart.
  5. Confirm your payment method.
  6. Click CHECKOUT to finalize the purchase.

How Do I Create an Exchange Mailbox

  1. Purchase an Exchange Mailbox Credit.
  2. Go to Exchange Services.
  3. Click New Exchange User.
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  4. Click MS Exchange.
  5. Fill out the fields provided.
  6. Click Create. Your mailbox will be created within a few moments.
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How Do I Upgrade an Existing Mailbox into an Exchange Mailbox

.Purchase an Exchange Mailbox Credit

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What Are the Requirements for Upgrading or Creating a Mailbox With Exchange

  • Go to Mail Central.
  • Click on the mailbox you want to upgrade.
  • Click Upgrades.
  • Select Convert to Exchange.
  • Fill out the fields provided.
  • Click Create. Your mailbox will be converted within a few moments.

Certain mailboxes are not compatible with upgrading to Exchange. To upgrade, the mailbox must meet the following qualifications:

  • The mailbox domain (john@your-domain.com) matches the same domain designated for ExchangeUser-added image¬†on your iPage account.
  • The mailbox was never set up with more than one delivery target.
  • The mailbox was never set up with a forward.
  • The mailbox was never set up as a catch-all address with its handling option set to 'trash' or 'bounce'.

Important: Upgrading a mailbox will delete all of its information. We highly recommend that you back-up your mailbox (messages, contacts, etc.) before upgrading to Exchange. You can use an Email Client to back-up most of your information.

Why Do I Not See the Exchange Services Tool Inside of My Control Panel

This tool only appears once you have purchased at least one exchange mailbox credit. You can purchase a new exchange credit at any time through our website.


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