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Exchange Management: Regular Maintenance

Regular Exchange Maintenance FAQs

Q: When Does iPage Run Regular Exchange Server Maintenance?
A: Exchange server maintenance occurs once a month on a Friday from 11:00 pm until 3:00 am Saturday (Eastern Standard Time). Performing maintenance on a weekend night minimizes its impact on the majority of iPage's customers. If you have Exchange services, an email is sent to you within one week of each maintenance period.

Q: What Happens During Exchange Server Maintenance?
A: During each maintenance period, the Exchange servers receive the latest software patches and updates. These updates increase server security and performance but require the servers to be taken offline intermittently while the updates are installed. During this process, you may experience the following effects:

  • You may be unable to connect to the Exchange servers through an Email Client, Outlook Web Access, or other devices.
  • Your connection to the Exchange servers may drop intermittently.
  • Your incoming messages may be delayed from reaching you until after the maintenance period ends.

Q: What Happens to Incoming Email During Exchange Server Maintenance?
A: While your mailbox's Exchange server is undergoing server maintenance, incoming messages are automatically saved on a backup server. Once maintenance is complete, the messages are immediately delivered to your mailbox.

Important: To ensure that you get all of the messages, iPage strongly encourages you to clean out your mailbox regularly.

Q: How Can I Access My Email During Exchange Server Maintenance?
A: If the Exchange server maintenance prevents you from accessing your Exchange mailbox, you will not be able to access your email stored on the server. However, using an Email Client may allow you to manage your email if you have enabled a 'Cached' or 'Offline' mode. This would allow you to manage messages you have already downloaded into your Email Client, and any changes you make will be reflected on the Exchange server once you can connect again. Consult your email client's company for assistance on how to utilize Cached/Offline mode.

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