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Email Management: How to Check Mailbox Storage Use

Please note that this only applies to accounts with Standard email and not to G Suite or Microsoft 365.
  1. Log in to your Domain Dashboard.
    Login to your Domains Dashboard
  2. In Card View, click Launch Webmail.
    Card view, launch Webmail
  3. In List View, click the mail icon under Webmail for the domain to which the email account is related. 
    List view, click mail icon to go to Webmail
  4. The Email Management page will show the list of the mailboxes for the domain, and the Storage Used. 
    mailbox storage used
Note: Just in case that you are being routed to the old control panel, on Mail Central > click on the mailbox you want to review > Basic Info > View Usage.
        mailbox storage used

Important: You must log in to the mailbox to view the message count. Exceeding the maximum allowed message count will still prevent you from receiving emails even if your Usage is not in full.

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