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Domain Name Service Scams - Domain Management & Security

Many website owners receive offers from companies trying to trick them into purchasing domain services. Unscrupulous domain name registrars generate revenue by tricking businesses into selling, listing, transferring or converting their domain name(s). You many receive a “renewal” notice via US Mail notifying you that your domain is about to expire and in addition they may offer you “discount” pricing. They will use official looking stationary with American flags and vague language.
Sample letter for domain services

When one receives this “official” looking paperwork it is easy to fall prey to a scam. Do not fill out the paperwork and never send anyone your credit card number without knowing exactly what you are purchasing. You may end up inadvertently transferring your domain name to another registry and end up paying a higher fee or even losing your domain name.

iPage will not solicit you in this fashion. You can manage your domain by logging into your Domains dashboard or by contacting the registration service provider where you purchased your domain name. If you have any doubt about an offer that you have received, do not hesitate to reach out via chat.

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