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Domain and Account Ownership and Verification

In this article, we will be discussing the following topics: 

We suggest that you review the acceptable/unacceptable documentation we have listed below. Sending unacceptable documents may delay your process of gaining access.

Verification Request Types Defined

Account Ownership Verification  

This refers to the process one would take when a customer is not able to confirm the account, has forgotten their password, and is unable to receive a password reset email. 

Domain Ownership Verification 

This refers to the process one would take when a customer is not able to confirm the Ownership of a domain within an account, cannot access said account, or has forgotten their password and is unable to receive a password reset email. 

Change of Registrant Verification   

This refers to the process one would take when a customer wants to change the domain contact information for WHOIS. This information is where we normally send all the updates regarding all domain-related concerns.  

What do I need to know before proceeding with the Ownership Process? 

 Before submitting your information via the Ownership Form,  you will be asked to provide the following acceptable documents depending on whether the account is owned by an Individual or a Company/Organization.  

Accounts Registered Under an Individual Person 

You will need to provide one of the following acceptable documents:
  • Driver's License or State ID* (Secondary document may be required** ) 
  • Passport*– (Supporting document required**)  
*All identification documents must be in color and show the complete name, date of birth, expiration date, and signature of the account owner. Documentation will be considered unacceptable if the information is not visible, blurred, or blocked.
**Secondary documentation is necessary for any government-issued ID or business documents that do not match the address on file or when sending a Passport. These include utility bills (gas, water, electric, internet, phone), tax documents, or a bank/credit card statement. Documents must show an address that matches the address we have on file.

Deceased Owner (Individual) 

In cases where the account owner has died, and someone needs to regain access to the account, they must provide 3 things:  

  • Contacting customers must provide a color copy of their government-issued photo ID. 
  • A copy of the account owner or registrant's death certificate.  
  • Legal documentation indicating contacting customer should have control of the account or domain(s) (e.g., Letters Testamentary, Letters of Administration, or Letters of Representation). 

Accounts Registered Under an Organization or Company Name 

You will need to provide one of the following acceptable documents as proof of ownership: 

  • Certificate of Association (also known as Certificate of Incorporation in some states)  
  • 501(c)(3)  
  • DBA/ Fictitious Name Documentation  
  • IRS EIN Letter  
  • Business License  
  • Sales Tax Permit 
  • Articles of Dissolution 
Note: Business documents publicly available or sourced online are tagged as unacceptable documents. Documents that are expired will not be accepted.

Unacceptable Documents

  • Any Identification that is not color copies  
  • Altered documents and Identifications 
  • Employer identification document  
  • Anything that is not in English or is not a Certified translation into English  
  • Documents sourced online/available publicly 

How to Process Domain or Account Ownership 

  1. Go to the Request Account Ownership page.

  1. Select the Request Type. 

  1. Enter the Username or Domain name on the account. 

  1. Provide your email address.  

  1. Click the Choose Files button to add all the necessary documents to be submitted.  

  1. Provide a short and clear explanation of the issue inside the How Can We Help? Field. 
    Ownership Page

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