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DNS Management: Comodo DNS

Comodo DNS FAQ

What Is Comodo DNS

Comodo hosts a vast global network of name servers that can be used to increase server response time and propagation speeds. This allows your website to run faster and reduces the amount of time needed for your DNS changes to take effect across the globe.

How Do I Get Comodo DNS

  1. Sign up for Comodo DNS through our website or the Comodo DNS icon inside the Control Panel.
  2. Change your name servers to Comodo's nameservers.
    • Select the 'Use Comodo name servers' option.

Do I Have To Buy Comodo DNS For Each Domain

No. After purchasing Comodo DNS, you can use it for all of your domains at no additional charge. Simply set the desired domains to use Comodo's name servers, and you're done.

Can I Still Use Comodo Even If My Domain Is Registered Elsewhere

Yes. All you need to do is enable Comodo and change your name servers with your existing domain registration service provider.

  1. Enable Comodo for your domain through your iPage DomainCentral tool.
  2. Work with your domain registration service provider to change your name servers to:
    • ns1.dnsbycomodo.net
    • ns2.dnsbycomodo.net
    • ns3.dnsbycomodo.net
    • ns4.dnsbycomodo.net

Will I Keep My Custom DNS Changes Can I Make Custom DNS Changes

Yes. Any changes you make to your DNS through your iPage Control Panel will be passed on to Comodo's name servers. If you host your domain through another provider, you will need to make your DNS changes through your iPage Control Panel.

Could I Use Comodo Without Purchasing the Comodo DNS Service

No. Even if you point your name servers to Comodo, it will not work unless you are registered with Comodo's DNS service.

Can I Stop Using Comodo DNS At Any Time

Yes, you can change your name servers away from Comodo at any time. However, you will continue to pay for Comodo DNS until the service itself is canceled (contact us if you want to cancel the service).

If you have your domain registered elsewhere and plan on canceling Comodo DNS, we recommend that you update your nameservers prior to cancelation to avoid service interruptions.

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