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Dedicated Servers

Want more administrative access to the server?

In addition to the cPanel interface, we have the Server Control Center. It provides information about your server, such as the Primary IP, server configuration, etc. It allows you to start, stop, reboot, change the root password, or restore your server to its original state. Be cautious with selecting these options because any changes made to the server will be lost, and it will be restored to the initial version that was deployed at the time of order.

Server Control Center

How do I manage my dedicated server?

We have combined the benefits of the industry-leading cPanel Control Panel and our finely tuned Domains Dashboard to give you access to all the tools you need for managing your server with ease. 

Here are the steps to access your cPanel:

  1. Log in to your Domains Dashboard
  2. Go to the Hosting Tools by clicking on the tiles icon at the top right corner of the screen.
    Hosting Tools
  3. From the Server Control Center page, click on the Launch cPanel link. 
    Launch cPanel link
  4. Log in with your cPanel username and password. 
    cPanel login

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I get with my new Dedicated Server?

With the new Dedicated Server offering, you have a physical server dedicated to your use. The amount of CPU and Memory will depend on the package you selected. However, all servers are deployed on an Openstack/KVM platform that allows us to develop cloud-like features such as seamless migrations and high availability while still giving you the security and dedicated resources you are looking for in a physical server.

Is the Openstack/KVM software going to use a lot of RAM on my dedicated server?

No. Each Dedicated server comes with an additional 2 GB RAM that is not reflected in the server descriptions to cover any memory usage by the Openstack/KVM software. For example, if you go with a package that lists 4GB RAM, it actually has 6GB RAM to make sure you have at a minimum of 4GB available for your use at any time.

How do I get root access on the server?

All Dedicated Servers have optional root access that will be available to you simply by opening a ticket with the support team. However, if you do request root access, please keep in mind this may limit our ability to support your server in the future. We will always be willing to restore your server to a previously backed up image but any additional diagnostic efforts on servers that may have configuration errors will incur an additional fee.

What type of support is included with the Dedicated offering?

All of our Dedicated servers come with basic support from our expert team. The items covered by this support include:

  • Root password resets
  • Billing and Account Management
  • Reverse DNS assignment
  • Monitoring of the physical server including:
    • Power
    • Ping
    • Hardware
    • Server Uptime
    • Hardware/Network Performance (excludes application performance)
  • Configuration changes that must be set outside of your server, like hostname and resolver configuration
  • Access problems such as inability to login via SSH - we will troubleshoot until we are able to login
  • Reload of OS image from most recent backup (please note this will overwrite existing server)

What if I don't want to use the cPanel Control Panel?

The cPanel Control Panel is bundled into the offering in order to provide a more user-friendly interface for managing your server. While you always have the option to remove it, it will not reduce the price of the server and may cause issues down the line when we try to deploy patches to the server image.

Can I have multiple servers within a single account?

At this time, we are only able to support one server per account. We would be happy to create a new account for you if you would like additional servers.

How do I cancel my server?

We would be sad to see you leave but if you would like to cancel your server, please call support and request a cancellation. You can cancel within the first 30 days without any penalty but if you have signed up for a 12 or 24-month plan early termination fees will apply if you cancel beyond the first 30 days.

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