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Contact Email Addresses

Contact Addresses on File With Your Account

When you sign up for a hosting account you will input an email address which will become associated as the contact email address on file with your account. There are two types of email addresses that are typically required.

  • Account Settings contact information
  • Domain contact information

Account Contact Information

This is the main contact information email for your hosting account. You may receive renewal notices, promotional messages or notifications related to system outages. Click the down arrow next to your user name to access your Account Settings.

Account settings

All of your account contact information is displayed on this page.

  • Account owner's name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • EIN/Tax # (Important for those with eCommerce sites)
  • Mailing Address

Details about your hosting plan are displayed here also.

Domain WHOIS Contact Information

  • Domain Owner Contact - actual account owner though the Administrative Contact is the most important domain related information.
  • Administrative Contact - used for delivering important notices about the status of your account. These notices include service announcements and maintenance notices.
  • Billing Contact - used for delivering billing related notices. These notices include receipts, past due notifications, and other financial information.
  • Technical Contact - used for delivering notices detailing site statistics, domain status (expiration, upcoming renewals, etc.), and other application specific information.

It is very important to keep your domain ownership information up to date. In the event that you wish to transfer your domain, you must have access to the Admin email address in order to respond to transfer requests from any registrars that are involved. Note especially the step regarding the ICANN Opt Out. To edit your Domain Contact Information, follow the steps listed below.

How to edit your Domain contact information.

  1. Log in to your Domain Dashboard.
    Log in to your Domain Dashboard
  2. Select Manage on the domain you wish to access.
  3. In card view, click on the Manage button.
    Select a domain to manage
  4. In list view, click on the Gear icon.
    Select a domain to manage
  5. At the bottom of the left sidebar, Click on Contact Information.
    Click on Contact Information
  6. You can revise all of your domain contact information by clicking on the tabs.
    Select information to edit
  7. Click Edit Contact Info, the Edit box will popup.
  8. Make your revisions. If you plan on transferring your domain soon you will want to check the ICANN Lock Opt Out.
    Make your changes and save
  9. Click Save.

If you are preparing to transfer your domain, make sure the Domain Lock is disabled, the switch is to the left and not green. A domain cannot be transferred as long as it is locked.

Domain lock switch

Change of Registrant - Update to Process

Effective December 1, 2016, ICANN modified the domain transfer process. All Registrars (accredited by ICANN) have to make required changes to their systems to help prevent domain hijacking. A Change of Registrant (CoR) email will now be sent to customers based on certain modifications made to the domain registrant information. Changes that will trigger this email:
  • Updating the first/last name or company name
  • Changing the registrant email address
  • Enabling/Disabling Privacy
Two emails will be sent out. One to the losing registrant and one to the gaining registrant (If the same email, both emails will be sent there). Both emails must be confirmed within 60 days in order for the changes to take effect. Once both confirmed, change happens within 24 hours.

60 Day Lock

During the CoR Process, customers will have the option to ‘opt-out’ of a 60-day domain lock. By default, this option is not checked, meaning once contact change is complete, the domain cannot be transferred for 60 days. Changes that will trigger this email:
  • Updating the first/last name or company name
  • Changing the registrant email address
  • Enabling/Disabling Privacy
Important:If you are planning on transferring the domain, you will need to check the ‘Opt Out…box” before saving changes. If this is not done, the domain will be locked for 60 days and cannot be transferred.

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