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CM4All: Introduction

What is WebSite Creator by CM4all

WebSite Creator by CM4all is a browser-based tool for creating a website quickly, easily, and without any knowledge of HTML.

Allowed file extensions for audio and video input with WebSite Creator

The following file extensions for audio and video are available for input with WebSite Creator.

  • audio: .mp3, .MP3, .wav, .WAV
  • video: .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .3pg, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .divx, .flv, .AVI, .MPG, .MPEG, .3GP, .MOV, .MP4, .WMV, .DIVX

Add a new website using the Website Creator

To add a new Website, using the CM4all WebSite Creator:

  1. Go to the WebSite Creator Premium product page. You must first purchase a site in order to build it. There are three options of site type:
    • Limited - a site of 9 pages or less
    • Premium - a site of unlimited number of pages. You can purchase as many of these as you wish.
    • Ecommerce - a site of unlimited pages, with a store, shopping cart, payment options, and more.
  2. Select the site type you wish to purchase and click Buy Now. When finished, you are brought back to the Website Creator Manager site.
    Website Creator Manager site
  3. For each site type you purchased, a Create Site button is shown. Select the site type you wish to create, and click Create Site next to that type.
  4. Enter the site name (which will be the Site Title) and the address where all the site files will be located.

Access your Website Creator

Here is direct access to your Website Creator Manager.

Delete, edit, or upgrade your site in the Website Creator

Delete, edit, or upgrade are options available to you on the Website Creator Manager site.


Delete, edit, or upgrade


Select the site you wish to modify, then click the option to the right of the site name:

  • Edit - activates WebSite Creator for the chosen site to edit its content
  • Upgrade - upgrades the selected site to a more powerful version
  • Delete - deletes all content, location, and name associated with the selected site

Get more help on CM4all

When editing your site with WebSite Creator by CM4all, you can get help on specific WebSite Creator issues by clicking Help in the edit window.

Publish multiple sites with Website Creator by CM4all

You can publish multiple sites using the Website Creator by CM4all. One free WebSite Creator Limited site is included with your hosting account and additional Limited, Premium, and E-Commerce sites can be purchased separately.

When you publish a site with WebSite Creator, you publish it to a specific directory. If you have more than one site purchased with WebSite Creator, they must be published to different directories. Once you have published your sites, you have many choices for their display:

  1. You can purchase a number of domains and point them to the site directories. To learn how to point domains, see the How To Update Domain Pointers
  2. You can purchase one domain, and connect the sites through links included on the main domain site
  3. You can display one site as a subdirectory or subdomain of the main domain

Depending on your specific needs, there are many possibilities available.

Find the directory where CM4all publishes your files

When you create a new site with CM4all, you are asked where you would like to place your site -


CM4all Site


In the dialog above, you fill out your Site Title, and the address for your site, a directory or folder where your published files are saved.

  • If you did enter a folder name, say newfoldername, in the above dialog, you can find your site at the following location:
  • If you did not enter a folder name in the above dialog, you can find your site at the following locations:
    • http://username.ipage.com
    • Your published site files are located in your document root directory, in FileManager 
      File Manager

      • Note: Your document root directory may be named differently - htdocs, public_html, or root - however, you can always recognize by the globe icon, and if you hover your mouse over it, it will say Document Root.

I've set up a WebSite Creator form to email results to my email address, but I'm not receiving the mail. How can I fix this

If you are using a spam filtering technology, the WebSite Creator mail was probably rejected by the filters. To ensure that this does not occur, add the sender wsc@cm4all.com to your whitelist. Leave the sender IP with asterisks in every field (to whitelist it from every IP address). For more information about whitelisting, click here.

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