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Clearing a Web Browser's Cache

What is Website Cache?

A Cache is a widely used method for storing website data temporarily to be later accessed swiftly. Some of the saved information are graphical images, buttons, and even the entire website.

Why should I clear Cache?

When you visit a website, your browser will check if stored data or cached information will make the site load faster. Normally, when a change is made on the customer's website, the browser will not pick it up unless they clear the cache and cookies. This has been part of the basic troubleshooting when a customer cannot see the updates that they have made on their editor to the live website.  

How to Clear Cache?

In most browsers, you can access the menu to clear your browser cache by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Delete from your keyboard or Ctrl-H. As each browser can vary and change, we suggest you refer to http://www.refreshyourcache.com for proper steps for your specific browser.

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