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Blocking users with specific IP addresses from accessing your site using the .htaccess editor

Block users from specific IP addresses or a range of IP addresses from accessing your site

  1. Log into the .htaccess Editor.
  2. Select a domain and directory to add or edit an .htaccess file in it.
    .htaccess Editor
  3. Click Manage Block IP Addresses.
    Manage Block IP Address
  4. Click the plus sign to Add IP Address/Range. 
    plus sign to block ip addresses
  5. Enter the IP address in the box. 
  6. Click the Block button. 
    block button
To block an IP range, enter the first IP address in the range followed by a forward slash and a Classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) suffix. E.g.
Be careful of performing range blocks because you may end up blocking people who are not the problem. 

Important: All subdirectories of the selected directory will inherit the settings for the directory unless you apply different settings to specific subdirectories.

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