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Account Settings

We have added a brand new Account Settings page. Below you can find a description of what information you will find here.


The summary offers you a view of your primary contact information. This information can be edited by clicking on the Edit link.

Account Summary information.

In addition to the usual contact information we have added a Tax ID or Tax Exemption field for those countries that require this information.

Tax ID fields.

Remember to Update Information after you have completed your edits.

Update your information.


We communicate with customers in a variety of ways and for many different reasons. Use this tool to manage communications with our customers. You can add or edit your account email addresses on the Notifications tab. You must always have at least one primary contact email address.

Add and edit account emails.
When adding email addresses to your account you can assign various types of permissions.

Add user email types.


Access & Security

When contacting us, we now require you to set up a security question and answer. You can set up a security question for your main profile and also add others who may need to contact Support on your behalf.
Add and edit account users.

Change Password

Change your login and FTP password.
Change your password.

The password fields will display green when you have satisfied the requirements.

Password fields.

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