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Account: Pay by Check

To ensure your account status remains active; please mail your check to iPage between 30 - 45 days before your due date. If your account goes past due your website may go offline and you might lose valuable site data. If your hosting account does not process payments in US Dollar amounts, please use a Credit Card to process your hosting payments.

Note: Checks must be written out in US Dollars.

How to Pay by Check
  1. Acquire an invoice of your payment(s) to confirm the amount you need to pay.
  2. Write out your check payable to 'iPage'.
  3. Include your username or domain name on your check.
  4. (Optional, Recommended): Include a copy of your invoice(s) for the item(s) you intend to pay for.
  5. Mail your check to:

    10 Corporate Drive
    Suite 300
    Burlington, MA 01803

Pay by Check FAQ

How long does it take for iPage to process a check

Check payments are posted to customer's accounts as they are received. As long as your check payment has your username or domain name on it and is in U.S. dollars, we will process it upon receipt. We do not hold checks for any reason but due to delays or difficulties with mail delivery it is necessary to send your payment 30 - 45 days in advance of your due date. If your check has not been posted, please contact your bank to determine if the check has cleared your account.

How do I know if iPage has received and processed my check

Use Billing Central to review your payment status. If the status shows 'PAID', it means that iPage has successfully received and processed your check for that particular item. If the status shows 'NOT PAID', it means that iPage either still needs to receive your check or is still processing it. If your check has not been posted, please contact your bank to determine if the check has cleared your account.

How do I set Check as the default payment method

Simply contact us and ask us to update your default payment method to check.

Are there restrictions to what can be paid for by check

Yes, iPage only accepts checks for items that are on a yearly (or longer) subscription cycle. Please contact us if you have questions about other types of items you would like to pay for by check (such as one-time payments for professional services).


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