With iPage, Your Site is Green

iPage Energy Efficiency

iPage has reduced its carbon footprint by purchasing enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), to offset our energy use by 200%! That means:

The servers, offices and data centers supporting your website are completely powered by wind energy

Your website is eligible for our Green Certificate, included with the iPage Green Badge

For every KWH of energy we use, we purchase twice that amount in RECs, which is equivalent to planting 244 acres of trees

Your business can benefit from your own green marketing campaign

This commitment will allow 3,319,480 kWh of wind energy to enter into the national electricity grid from 7/1/2011 until 6/30/2013.*

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Green-Certify Your Website

The iPage Green Badge is the perfect way to start a green marketing campaign. Simply download the badge you prefer and add it to your homepage. Our iPage Green Certificate is displayed when visitors click on the badge, certifying your website is powered by 100% renewable energy.

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*Contract initiated 2011, Renewing in 2013.

Certify Your Site

Promoting your green site enhances customer appeal and helps increase traffic to your site. Get started with our FREE Green Badges and Certificate.