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Responsive Website


Open for Business

Give your website a sleek and professional look with this responsive template that’s specifically designed for businesses. Clients and customers can easily access everything they need, from contact information to details about your products or services.

Download - HTML_Business 2.7 MB Terms of Use

Fine Dining

This tasty template allows you to do it all: showcase culinary creations, share your menu, and most importantly, let hungry site visitors know where and when they can dine with you!

Download - HTML_Restaurant 3.2 MB Terms of Use

Focus on Fitness

Making your wellness-themed website look great on all devices is no sweat, thanks to this responsive template. Energize customers to get in touch with you, and display your fitness philosophy, credentials, and offerings!

Download - HTML_Fitness 3.8 MB Terms of Use

All About Responsive Templates

Much of your website traffic is now coming from smartphones and tablets, it is important that your site is functional and attractive no matter what screen size it is being viewed on. Responsive design allows the site to adapt to the user’s design by shifting the elements of the page in order to look great on both mobile devices and desktops.
These templates are predesigned style sheets and html files which you can modify by changing the text, images and links or even the code to make the site your own. They are most easily edited using design software like Dreamweaver, Aptana or Microsoft Visual Studio. You can find free trials of many of these types of programs online if you do not already own one. If you are proficient in HTML and CSS you can even edit the code using a text editor. These templates are great for even advanced designers who would like to save some time but even if you are a beginner you can edit the links, images and text in “design view” of Dreamweaver. Once you are done you can upload via FTP into the root folder or of your hosting account and your site will then be live under your primary domain. If you want it to be live on another domain or subdomain you have to upload to the correct folder. Please be aware that each time you want to add to your site or make changes you will need to edit the files on your computer and upload and overwrite the files that were already there. For this reason it is important to back up your website files with each new version of the website you create.
These templates were not designed for those frameworks but you are free to use them for inspiration and design ideas. The above are other great options to build a website and offer their own preloaded templates in Weebly Drag and Drop Builder or preloaded themes in WordPress Essential. You would use Weebly or WordPress if you would like to be able to log in online to build and update your website which is much more convenient for those who do not own web design software. In the case of Muse the above templates can serve as inspiration when you are placing elements on a page and you may be able to recreate the design manually.