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Home > Knowledgebase > Troubleshooting: Why does it say "Information Not Available" for my domain?

Troubleshooting: Why does it say "Information Not Available" for my domain?


There are several cases when the appropriate information is not available for your domain. Below is a list of typical problems and their corresponding solutions:

  • You didn't purchase your domain through iPage
    Solution: Initiate the process to transfer your domain's registrar to iPage's registrar.

  • Whois information is old and needs to be updated
    1. Click the checkbox next to the domain that needs to be refreshed
    2. Click Modify Selected Domains. The Edit Multiple Domains screen is displayed.
    3. Under Please Choose An Action section, select Refresh Whois. A button Refresh Whois for All Domains appears at the bottom of the action list.
    4. Click Refresh Whois for All Domains.

  • The domain is expired or in redemption.
    Solution: Read the full explanation of domain expiration periods and terms. Depending on the stage of the expiration process you might still be able to renew your domain.
Updated 06/25/17

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