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Configuring: Domain availability and process after it expires


Once a domain name expires you are at risk of losing it. Acting fast will save you time, money and frustration.

The "Deletion Cycle" of a domain name ranges from as short as 36 days to as long as 80 days. The entire cycle and the various statuses are as follows:

EXPIRED: A domain name that has expired can stay in the Expired status from 1 to 45 days. 45 days is the maximum. Most Registrars use between 28 and 45 days for their Expired status. A domain name in the EXPIRED status can still be renewed quickly and inexpensively for the cost of a one year registration.

REDEMPTION GRACE PERIOD (RGP): After a domain name has been through the EXPIRED status it falls into RGP where is remains for 30 days. This period is ICANN mandated and cannot be shortened. Once a domain name falls into RGP it becomes much more expensive to retrieve and renew. Expect to spend upwards of $160US and as much as a week to "redeem" a domain name that has fallen into RGP.

PENDING DELETE: After the RGP a domain enters the PENDING DELETE status and cannot be renewed or redeemed. Domain names are PENDING DELETE for 5 days. After five days the domain name will be released to the public and anyone can register the name. You may be able to wait and register it upon release. Be aware that if your domain name is popular it may be snapped up by one of the many "back-order" companies like SnapNames.com. You are free to use such services to attempt to recapture your domain name as well.

Of course iPage wants to make sure this never happens, so we've created the Automated Domain Renewal Service (ADRS). When you enable ADRS in DomainCentral your domain name will be renewed automatically 15 days prior to expiration date. We'll look for a domain credit on your account first or charge your credit card for the one year of renewal.

To enable the Automated Domain Renewal Service (ADRS):

  1. visit DomainCentral
  2. click the Enable Automated Domain Renewal and Agree to Terms button.

    Be aware that only domain names registered through iPage can utilize ADRS.
Updated 06/25/17

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