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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This article introduces our new VPS Offering.

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What is a VPS?

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) offering is built on Openstack/KVM technology, one of the fastest growing virtualization platforms in the market today. We use very high performance servers with high speed SAN storage in a state of the art data center which is reliable and affordable. The performance will amaze you.

How do I manage my VPS?

We have combined the benefits of the industry leading cPanel Control Panel and our finely tuned vDeck Control Panel to give you access to all the tools you need for managing your server with ease. Not familiar with the cPanel Control Panel? Not a problem, just click on the Getting Started Wizard for some great pointers on all the features of the Control Panel.

Want more administrative access to the server?

In addition to the cPanel interface, we have the Server Control page. This provides information about your server such as primary IP, server configuration, etc. It also allows you to start, stop, reboot, change root password and set hostname for your virtual server. With the available Java SSH Terminal you can manage your server through command line access as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I get with my VPS account?

With the new VPS offering you get the benefit of the guaranteed computer resources that comes with the KVM technology. Each VPS has it's own CentOS installation with the cPanel User Interface for managing your server effectively. It also allows you to install applications that work for you on your dedicated OS instance.

How do I get root access on the server?

All VPS Servers have optional root access that will be available to you simply by clicking on the Generate Root password button on the Server Control Center page. However, if you do request root access, please keep in mind this may limit our ability to support your server in the future. We will always be willing to restore your server to a previously backed up image but any additional diagnostic efforts on servers that may have configuration errors will incur an additional fee.

What type of support is included with the VPS offering?

All of our VPS servers come with basic support from our expert team. The items covered by this support include:

  • Root password resets
  • Billing and Account Management
  • Reverse DNS assignment
  • Monitoring of the physical server including –
    • Power
    • Ping
    • Hardware
    • Server Uptime
    • Hardware/Network Performance (excludes application performance)
  • Configuration changes that must be set outside of your server, like hostname and resolver configuration
  • Automated cPanel/CentOS/Service patching
  • Access problems such as inability to login via SSH - we will troubleshoot until we are able to login
  • Reload of OS image from most recent backup (please note this will overwrite existing server)

We also offer a fully managed support option for an additional fee. This service includes all of the features of Basic support plus more management and support. Please note customers who opt for the fully managed server cannot have root access or our support will be limited.

  • Investigate Load problems or sluggishness.
  • Automated cPanel/CentOS/Service patching
  • Network related issues.
  • Failure of server to boot.
  • Hardware failures
  • Package installations via package manager (yum,rpm).
  • DNS Configuration
  • Troubleshooting script configurations and/or website errors
  • Task automation
  • Firewall setup & troubleshooting.
  • E-mail configuration.
  • Custom apache configurations (mod_python, mod_ruby, mod_wsgi)*
  • Custom MySQL configurations
  • Perl/PECL module/extension installations.
  • Backup configurations.
  • Google Apps setups.
  • SimpleScripts Installations
  • 3rd Party application installations

What if I don't want to use the cPanel Control Panel?

The cPanel Control Panel is bundled into the offering in order to provide a more user friendly interface for managing your server. While you always have the option to remove it, it will not reduce the price of the server and may cause issues down the line when we try to deploy patches to the server image.

Can I have multiple servers within a single account?

At this time, we are only able to support one server per account. We would be happy to create a new account for you if you would like additional servers.

How do I cancel my server?

We would be sad to see you leave but if you would like to cancel your server, please call support and request a cancellation. You can cancel within the first 30 days without any penalty but if you have signed up for a 12 or 24 month plan early termination fees will apply if you cancel beyond the first 30 days.

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