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Domain Transfer: How To Transfer To iPage

You can transfer your domain from your current domain provider to iPage. There are a lot of benefits to transferring your domain to us, so we've created this guide to help make this process as easy as possible for you.  Keep in mind that in can take up to 5 days for the transfer to go through. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Transferring My Domain To iPage?

  • Easily manage all of your domains using iPage's Domain Central tool.
  • Use a single account to manage both your hosting and your domains.
  • Prevent your domains from expiring by using our automatic domain renewal service.
  • Add Domain Privacy to protect the personal information associated with your domains.
  • Contact us any time with our 24/7 customer support.
  • Get substantial savings over many other registrars.

Video: How To Transfer To iPage

How To Transfer To iPage

  1. Prepare your domain for transfer. 
  2. Add your domain to your iPage account (see how).
  3. Go to Domain Central.
  4. Click on the domain you want to transfer to iPage.
  5. Click Transfer.
  6. Use the Auth Code text field to type in your domain's transfer authorization code.
  7. Click Transfer to iPage.
  8. A confirmation email is sent to the administrative email address on file with your domain. Click on the confirmation link provided in the email.
  9. Your domain should be transferred to iPage within 5 days.

During this process, you may be prompted to purchase a domain credit. As the domain is transferred, this credit will renew your domain for an additional year and secure it onto iPage's registrar.

How Do I Prepare My Domain With My Current Registrar?

When transferring a domain to iPage, you'll first need to follow these steps with your current domain provider:

  1. Unlock your domain.
  2. Disable your domain's privacy setting.
  3. Update your domain's contact information, because we'll need it to send you a transfer confirmation email.
  4. Obtain your domain's transfer authorization code.
  5. Make sure that your domain has existed with your current registrar for at least 60 days.
  6. Make sure that your domain is not involved in a legal dispute and does not have a registry lock on it (this is very rare).

Some times your domain provider will require you to contact them in order to release the domain transfer authorization code to you. We've found the contact information for you of several popular domain providers.

You may also be able to find your domain provider's contact information by using a Whois Lookup.

Inbound Domain Transfer FAQs

I Submitted A Domain Name Transfer, But Why Is It Still With My Old Registrar?

Remember that it can take up to 5 days to transfer your domain to iPage, so we ask you to be patient during this period of time. Meanwhile, you can:

Note that your current registrar may send you a final confirmation email before they allow your domain to be transferred to iPage. Also, your current registrar may be imposing additional requirements before they'll authorize the domain transfer. You'll need to contact your current registrar to resolve these issues.

Why Is My Domain Locked?

Domains are locked to prevent unauthorized domain transfers. Some domain providers give you tools to let you unlock your domain on your own while others require you to contact them to have your domain unlocked for you. However, there are a few scenarios where your domain provider will not allow you to unlock your domain:

  • Your domain name was registered or transferred within the last 60 days.
  • Your domain name may be locked as the result of a dispute, and is currently under investigation.

Some domain providers may even choose to lock your domain for 60 days whenever you make a change to your domain.

Can Domains Be Altered During A Registrar Transfer?

While a domain is in the middle of a transfer, it cannot be altered. This includes renewing the domain, changing its Whois information, and updating its nameservers. You will either have to request the domain's current hosting provider to cancel the transfer, or wait until the transfer is complete before any changes can be made.

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