Domain Management: How To Update Nameservers

Here at iPage, we make it easy for you to edit your nameservers. Editing your domain's nameservers to point to iPage means that you will use iPage's web hosting and email services. This also means that you can edit your nameservers to point to a different company to use their web hosting and email services. 

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How Do I Update My Domain's Nameservers?

  1. Log in to your iPage Control Panel.
  2. Go to Domain Central.
  3. Select the domain you want to edit.
  4. Click Nameservers.
  5. Use the interface provided to modify your nameservers:
    • Select Use default name servers to use iPage's nameservers. This option causes your domain to work with your iPage hosting account.
    • Select Use different name servers to use another company's nameservers. This option causes your domain to work with another company.
    • Click Add More if you're using more than 2 nameservers for the "Use different name servers" option.
  6. Click Save once you're done modifying your nameservers (changes may require 24 to 48 hours to take effect).
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